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The challenge, that’s yours and ours, is to create a society where disabled people
are valued and where they are allowed to Live the Life not the Label©


All Inclusive CIC is a user led organisation delivering training and consultancy. We are a social enterprise that believes in true co-production and partnership working and we are at one with Personalisation within Health and Social Care.


IndianaJonesAll Inclusive is an advocate of the Social Model of Disability, where it is society that disables people, rather than the individual’s disability being the ‘problem’. This is the core message underlying All Inclusive’s business and social purpose and, therefore, we believe that changes in perception occur through learning by example from the mouths of the ‘experts’, the disabled people themselves. This, in turn, inspires change and increases opportunities for the disabled within the way they choose to live, work and play.

Our company motto is Live the Life not the Label©, meaning that disabled people should be viewed primarily on their skills and abilities, not on their disabilities. All our services are delivered by disabled people.



Our Social Purpose
All Inclusive’s business philosophy is to support and empower individuals
with Cerebral Palsy to take opportunities and confront the barriers in Society.

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